Thursday, June 24, 2010

Should I Follow Everyone Who Follows Me On Twitter?

When you get that message that a new person is following you on Twitter, should you follow them (known as follow back) out of politeness or good protocol?  Why wouldn't someone follow back?   To answer the question, Meryl Evans did something really smart - she asked experienced Twitterers.

Wondering why people don’t follow you back? I asked some Twitterers their reasons. Perhaps you’re breaking one of these Twitter commandments.

Thou Hast a Bad Profile
avidwriter: I don’t follow back people who are following 300+ people with no bio, URL or haven’t bothered to post a tweet.
debworks: No face picture, no real name, not following anyone.
overthinker: I won’t follow people without bios.
adenin: I tend not to follow people with a lopsided following/followers/updates ratio.

 Read on at Web Worker Daily for another 20 reasons.

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