Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Countdown to First Day of Washington Summer

This has been right so often that I decided to stop being irritated and just go with it:  Our summer doesn't start in June -- it starts in early to mid July.

July 4th weekend can be clear and hot, or cloudy and cold.  But just wait another couple weeks and your chances for real summer weather go up higher than a cirrostratus making a jump shot.  So why not make it official?

This is the official countdown to the First Day of Washington Summer - July 12th.

The best part is our summer doesn't end in August.  It goes into September.

Planning an outdoor wedding, party, family reunion, trip to the ocean?  Before you do check the chart.  Check it out along with great explanations on why and how our northwest weather works at Cliff Mass's Weather Blog.  See his article on our summer weather. 

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  1. It's July 7th and 80 degrees. Forget the 12th -- summer is here now, hot and heavy.