Friday, May 28, 2010

Find a Way to Make Your Product Good to Make Your Marketing Easy

Klee will be trying to capture the genes in fruit like 
red currants.To make your marketing effective, you have to answer this question about your product: Does it appear to be good or is it really good?  Here is an inspiring example from the growers world.
The pressure for high-yield plants is responsible for the dismal taste of the supermarket tomato. Harry Klee, a plant biologist at the University of Florida in Gainesville, says it's a simple matter of economics. 
"The grower is paid for size and yield — and flavor is irrelevant, unfortunately," Klee says.
In fact, the yield is so great for some tomato varieties that the plant can't keep up. Because the plants have been bred to produce so many fruits, they can't produce enough sugars and other nutrients.
"And so what happens is you start to dilute out all of the good flavor compounds, and you get a fruit that you bite into it and it largely tastes like water," Klee says. "Because that's mostly what it is."
Satisfying Growers And Aficionados

But Klee thinks there's a way to improve the taste, without sacrificing yield ... (Read or listen to the story on NPR's Morning News site.)

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