Friday, July 16, 2010

Startup Weekend Olympia


October 15 - 17
@ Saint Martin's University, Lacey, Washington

Have you ever thought, “Man, someone should … ?”  You know, those crazy brainstorms you have about starting a company that produces some sort of widget or a green and sustainable product, or maybe some cool idea popped in and you need a developer to program a website or iphone app.

Well, now’s your chance to bring all those wacky concepts to life! Startup Weekend Olympia’s theme is:  “Bring Your Ideas!”

It’s called Startup Weekend and it’s coming to the Olympia area October 15-17 at Saint Martin’s University.

Imagine something like 100 people coming together on Friday afternoon and out of those 100 people, 30 of them have an intriguing thought that won’t leave them alone... (Get the info and sign up as a participant or  a sponsor)

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